Author: Mark de Koning

Listening sessions

What is in the minds of our clients, our employees, and our other stakeholders. Instead of speculating about this extensively within the walls of your current surroundings you can also ask your clients or stakeholders specific questions. The listening sessions are a method to make the questioners listen to the opinions and questions of the invitees.


Dino conversationTo interpret events within an organization correctly I have several methods to my disposal. In an organization a distinction can be made between the upper current and theundercurrent. The upper current is the current of logic and rationality in which reports and plans rule. For many managers with an MBA affinity this is familiar territory. Theundercurrent is characterized by the subconscious, instinct, intuition, emotions and the stories in the canteen or at the coffee machine.

In my work as a management consultant and organization cartoonist I try to depict both currents. In this way innovation and change can really get off the ground. Analysis, a sense of humour and commitment go hand in hand.

About Mark de Koning

markMy name is Mark de Koning (1966). After I graduated in public administration I started working as a management consultant. Now I work for various organizations, both in the profit and in the non profit sector.

After some very instructive years at various management consulting firms I am currently working independently with my own company: De Koning Organisatie, Creativiteit en Ontwikkeling (De Koning Organization, Creativity and Development).

With this firm I want to combine my professionally as a management consultant with my pleasure and my passion for change and innovation. The approach is suitable for every organization that wants to clear the way for creative development, open debate, professional passion and that wants to work towards an imaginative future. Do not let the everyday patterns restrict you but look for a new perspective.

Clients vary from managers, directors, and works council members to instructors, consultants and project managers. The issues raised often deal with a chosen or forced change in the organization but also with the amazement at current developments and the ambition to create something new.

From my childhood I have been hooked on the power of images and cartoons in particular. When I entered the profession of management consultant I was surprised to find that words, both spoken and written, seemed to dominate the discourse. Then I started to take my doodles in the margin seriously and use them as a method to make the indiscussible discussible. This way I have combined my passion for cartoons with my professional powers of observation and my background as an organization expert.